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Brow Lifts

A brow lift can be done alone or with other facial procedures.

As we age, the muscles and skin of our forehead relax and can cause drooping brows and frown lines. This can make a person look angry, sad, and tired, even when they’re not.

A brow lift tightens your forehead’s skin to give you a smoother forehead and less frown lines while improving your vision. The incision(s) are hidden in the hair, so there are no visible scars. The results are often dramatic and can take many years off your facial appearance.


Dr. Elhosn and Dr. Villas can provide you with a comfortable and informative experience during your visit at our office in Albany. Both Dr. Elhosn and Dr. Villas put a strong emphasis on patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort with all of their aesthetic surgical procedures. 

Improve your looks and boost your self-confidence with the help of Dr. Elhosn

and Dr. Villas.

Book a Brow Lift consultation with us today 518-487-4200.
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